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Are you selling photos, vectors or videos? Learn what customers will be looking for in 2 months, create relevant content and earn more money.

How does it work?


We analyze ideas, profitable niches and customer searches based on data


We send a monthly newsletter about content that is relevant in 2 months


Have your content ready on microstocks before customers search for it


Change the way you work on microstocks

In most cases, content managers prepare website content approximately one month before the actual publication. That's why we send the ideas one month before - this will give you a whole month to plan, create and upload your content.

  • Receive newsletter with ideas that will be relevant in 2 months
  • Take 1 month for creating, preparing and uploading content
  • Have your content ready on microstocks when customers search for it
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All content ideas
are backed with data

We analyze the demand for the content we present. How many potential customers are looking for a specific subject? What are these subjects that they are interested in? We have perceptive insights.

  • Evaluate competition by knowing how saturated is the niche
  • Evaluate profit by knowing how many customers are searching for this content
  • Only create content that will pay itself off
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Created by fellow microstock contributors like yourself

Leverage collective knowledge and unique data to create content that will be sold

"Previously majority of my content was never sold even once. This is the service I actually wanted to have since day one."

- Susanna Konovalova

"It feels almost like cheating to have the data that Stock Photo Ideas provide. Now I have certainty what to shoot next."

- Tim Nelson

"This newsletter will allow me to focus on creating content and not wasting time on thinking what I should do next."

- Edyta Ostrowska

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How does Stock Photo Ideas subscription work?

After signing up, every month you will receive an email with detailed analysis of what content will be relevant in 2 months. You will be able to create the content in advance and upload it when it will be relevant.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time using the link in the email. The cancellation will be effective starting with the next billing cycle (e.g. next month for a monthly subscription). There's no termination fee.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee that the content ideas sent in the newsletter will be relevant and searched for by customers. We cannot guarantee though that every artwork you create will be sold as it relies on your skills and microstock review process.

Is my data private?

We do not store your payment information as all payments are processed by Paddle. Your email will never be shared with any third parties.

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