Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays around the world. Also known as All Saint’s Eve, it’s famous for “trick-or-treat” custom where kids travel from house to house, asking for treats. It’s a party of costumes, pumpkin carving, lighting bonfires and watching horror movies.

Ideas from Shutterstock suggestions

Obviously, it has a HUGE customer interest so it must be a great topic for content creation. Lets take a look what Shutterstock suggests us as popular customer searches.

Shutterstock suggestions
The most popular customer queries in Shutterstock

Knowing that these are what customers need is great, but it would be even better to know how many of them need it. Lets grab some Stock Photo Ideas data (see how to use this data explanation to better understand the table):

# Search Shutterstock Traffic Existing Results Google Volume
1 halloween background 1K 1.6M 3.4K
2 halloween party 157 660K 450
3 halloween vector 21 847K 300
4 halloween pumpkin 841 923K 450
5 halloween kids 121 186K 150
6 halloween candy 54 124K 90
7 halloween costume 172 386K 400
8 halloween icons 27 450K 500
9 halloween pattern 32 330K 80
10 halloween cat 404 112K 300

You can immediately notice that there are three queries, related to Halloween, that have more or less significant traffic: “backgrounds”, “pumpkin” and “cat”. First two have around one million (!) existing results. “Cat” query has “only” 112 thousands, so if you would like to choose “the best” content idea from Shutterstock suggestions, it’s better to go after a “cat”.

The lowest competition can be found for “halloween candy” and “halloween cat”, both counting around 100,000 existing results. In order to compete with this number of pictures, you have to poses truly outstanding skills and promote your content very well.

More bad ideas

Hand content
Halloween Hand - an unexpectedly bad content idea

Of course, Halloween theme is not limited by the Shutterstock suggestions and in reality there are many more content opportunities. And many of them are not great:

# Search Shutterstock Traffic Existing Results Google Volume
1 october halloween 3 802.9K 20
2 spooky background halloween 3 574K 900
3 halloween party background 3 481.6K 250
4 halloween graphic design 3 390.7K 70
5 halloween hand 2.5 383.3K 80
6 scary halloween faces 3 351.2K 40
7 halloween trick or treat 3 299.4K 30
8 pumpkin halloween vector 3 289.8K 300
9 halloween pumpkin vector 3 289.8K 100
10 pumpkin cartoon 2.8 255.9K 200

These content ideas are even worse since they have virtually no Shutterstock Traffic and still huge competition, drawn from adjacent topics. The worst ones - “halloween hand” and “pumpkin cartoon”, being overwhelmed with existing artworks and seeing no traffic. Make sure not to spend your time on them.

What you should have done instead

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